Saturday 5:45 am

My face was pressed against his chest, the rain drops have stopped ticking on my window and the sun has already sent its rays of light into the dirty room. This was the first morning of August and I knew that the days are slowly taking a turn to the coldest, the vivid scent of his breath got me to shake myself up and off the bed.

I shifted to the side of the kitchen counter, preparing my morning tea only to be stopped by the noxious smell coming from the trashcan. I haven’t taken this out when I should, I thought, letting a sigh out I grabbed it and proceeded to go down the stairs and threw it away from hoping that it would land where it should go without me having to recollect it again. I stopped for a cigarette before returning to my apartment, the toxic substance travelled its way through my lungs.

Drops had started ticking in again, now the aroma was one of soap and shampoo, he walked out of the bedroom tying his buttons, trying to get a hold of his socks and shoes that were both lost within last night’s show. I blinked to his sight and continued watching the news that now switched to the weather forecast.

” Did you see my watch? ”

” It was on the cupboard ”

Racing the clock, he stole a quick kiss before finally leaving

“Call me”

A lock of the door, the apartment once again silent, the garbage, soap and shampoo have now all gone away, my head lay down on the sofa, this time he hasn’t forgotten his wedding ring, just as I haven’t forgotten my status.